Early notes from the Glasgow session

At the Glasgow Open Session today, Janet Archer and Iain Munro outlined the ideas on our new strategic plan and our revised approach to funding.

Janet Archer and Iain Munro outlined the thinking behind the current plan:

· Creative Scotland delivers public funds in support of creative and artistic excellence.

· We are a development agency providing a route map and brokering connections for artists and creative people

· We influence others to invest in creative work and experiences and grow public engagement and markets

· And we advocate for the arts, screen and creative industries, seeding a thriving creative future for generations to come

The following draft vision:

We want to foster a Scotland that continually shifts the borders of its creative imagination and operating context; where the arts, screen and creative industries are confident, connected and thriving; and where people actively celebrate the arts and creativity as an important heartbeat for society and the world we live in.

And draft mission: two options have been discussed so far:

Unlocking Scotland’s creative potential

Empowering Scotland’s creative imagination

The Plan will be centred around five draft ambitions.

Excellence and experimentation is recognised and valued across the arts, screen and creative industries

• Everyone can access and enjoy artistic and creative experiences.

Places and quality of life are transformed through imagination, ambition and understanding

• Ideas are turned into action by a diverse, skilled and connected leadership and workforce

• Scotland is a distinctive global springboard and a magnet for international talent and collaboration.

Our Funding Approach will help us deliver the strategic plan to supports the arts, screen and creative industries to thrive.

We’re proposing three routes to funding:

• Regular funding

• Project funding

• Targeted funding


• New regular funding approach in operation from April 2014

• Early summer applications – open programme

• Early autumn decisions for April 2015 implementation

• Phased transition approach for project funding (taking into account that some of our current programmes run beyond April 2015)

We’re interested in your feedback:

• Mission statement

• Are the ambitions the right ones?

• Is there anything missing?

• Do you agree with our principles for funding?

• What does success look like for you?

Find out what people had to say at todays open session in Glasgow by using #CSOPEN


Next up Langholm then Inverness.


3 thoughts on “Early notes from the Glasgow session

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Elizabeth, thanks for highlighting this. The link at the bottom of the page was linking to a different website and has been fixed now.

  1. cliff robertson

    Under Ambitions the first word the reader encounters is Excellence. This word invites criticism as it requires someone/agency/authority to be the arbiter of Excellence. The Labour party years ago advocated Excellence in performing arts (i cannot recall the particular government initiative). I have been to many plays and my opinion differs as much as the number of critics expressing their’s. Can I suggest a word covering incremental and transformational improvement, one does not come to mind but I’m sure a wordsmith can oblige.